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Clingman & Hanger has become a national-level resource because of our depth of experience, our across-the-board flexibility and our straightforward management structure.

Ed Clingman, in addition to being a CPA and a former corporate senior executive, is an attorney who led one of the nation’s most successful bankruptcy liquidations—that of Best Products Company, Inc. Partner Teresa Hanger is an attorney and former business executive, as well. While the legal credentials of our principals are not a requirement for our work, they are an enormous asset.

We are prepared for assignments in any business category. We have a track record of being uncommonly persistent and resourceful in tracking down assets that are not on any balance sheet. The result: quicker incremental distributions and higher-than-expected returns on the dollar to creditors. At the same time, we are proactive and successful negotiators in pursuing the diminution of claims whenever that is possible. 


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